New York: Breathtaking Cityscapes

New York is arguably America’s greatest city, with everything pointing to it being the capital apart from the official title.

New York is arguably America’s greatest city, with everything pointing to it being the capital apart from the official title. 

The city is the center of business with wall street, a cultural melting pot thanks to centuries as an immigration hub and also harbors two of the biggest sports franchises in the country.

Whether you’re a city dweller or country bumpkin you can’t deny the sheer human endeavor it takes to build a city of this size. It’s unique Manhattan island has forced buildings up and created a concrete jungle (where dreams are made of). It has been a haunt for the biggest artists in the world and its unique ability to inspire those living there has created incredible examples of human skill in the arts. None more so than with the photographers of the city who take photos of the immediate in front of them. New York kicks up some stunning photos.


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This picture gives a real sense of the hustle and bustle of the New York streets. (Time Square)


The cities geography has meant the need for bridges. Only New York have made them iconic. (Brooklyn Bridge)


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This is a real aerial photo of central Manhattan and showcases aptly named Central Park’s place amongst the concrete.


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Give me your huddled masses.


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A spectacular mirror image of the sea of skyscrapers.


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It’s not all grey concrete.


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The people who make the city tick.

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